7 Social Media tips from the PBS social media experts


While at SXSW, I attended the PBS Social Media session which featured the social media teams of Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow and American Experience.   The biggest shock to me was that these “teams” actually consisted of one single person for each show.  And it wasn’t even their full time gig!

Some of their best practices that were shared were simple, yet simply brilliant.  Of course when you are involved in series television, your content is diverse and ever changing, but I felt as if their tips were ones that could resonate across industry lines.

Know your audience – Don’t just know your audience, BE your audience.  Understand who you are targeting and who you are speaking to.  The more passionate you are about your brand, the more authentic and engaging you come across on social media.

Have a unique voice – Find that voice you want your brand to have and use that voice as your guide to valuable content.  If you choose to be cheeky and a little sarcastic, then use that voice to find content.  If you are more playful and whimsical, own that voice.

Be Nimble – Plan your posts ahead and schedule them when you aren’t online, however don’t stop engaging real time.  Stop “news hijacking” (this term actually was repeated in many different sessions this year).  Instead of being the news, figure out how you can add context to what’s being reported.  A good example was when a celebrity passes away, instead of trying to report that news, you share your favorite movie or event that the person was involved, or how they may have inspired you or your team

Choose your platform – there are so many different social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Youtube.  Its easy to get overwhelmed, however you don’t have to be active on all of them.  Choose the two you most enjoy and work from there.  If you need to add a third because the demand is there, then do it, but don’t feel you have to be on every single platform.  It will just spread you too thin and become unmanageable.

Find your brand ambassadors – Always be on the lookout for high profile people who love your content.  Ask them to blog for you or share your information out on their networks.

Be visual – this is becoming more and more important when engaging younger and younger audiences.  Pictures are more shared than text over social media.  Give your audience a peek behind the scenes.  The more they feel like they are in your inner circle, the more they will engage and feel they are really a part of the brand.

Engage – This one seems simple, right?  Watch out for what is resonating elsewhere! The more your audience feels you are paying attention, the more attention they will pay to you too!