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Standard Beagle works with growing B2B software and health tech organizations to uncover and solve problems through UX strategy, user research, and product design.

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Standard Beagle ensures your product launch is successful and that you have the tools you need to extend the lifetime value of your customers. We are product experts with flexible project plans to ensure you leave feeling confident.

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Standard Beagle works with B2B SaaS and health tech companies who are concerned about stagnant growth and increased competition. If you have trouble retaining customers, struggle with conversions, or worry about accessibly, we’re here to help.

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Your team needs more than deliverables. You need a partner. Standard Beagle offers a flexible model for growing companies, whether it’s a single designer or a senior team helping you handle fast-paced change.

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Learn from our design and development experts techniques and principles to make your products better.

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How to conduct competitive usability testing for product differentiation

Products that face tough competition can turn it to their advantage Product differentiation plays a critical role in the success of the product for B2B businesses. However, differentiating from competitors is more difficult than it seems. Organizations may face challenges like perceived commoditization, intense competition, or complex buyer requirements. In many cases, companies rely on […]

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Tips & Advice

Why your B2B login causes customer churn

Balance application security with ease of use to improve user engagement and retention in your B2B login At our office, all of the odd-numbered suites are on one side of our building and the even-numbered suites are on the other. So pretty much daily, someone walks in, confused as to where to find another business. […]

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Female engineer and data analytic.

How B2B companies can address biases in AI

AI biases can perpetuate stereotypes and misinformation if companies don’t take steps to fix the issue Are you implementing AI into your workflows like we are? Chances are pretty high if you’re a B2B company or in anything tech. AI seems to be in every headline in 2023 ever since the deployment of Chat-GPT 3 […]

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