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Standard Beagle works with the best and brightest B2B software companies to uncover and solve customer churn through UX strategy, user research, and product design.

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From UX strategy to product design, and user research to software development, we are your one-stop for ensuring your product is successful.

We create strategies that extend the lifetime value of your customers and instill a path to product success.

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Standard Beagle works with B2B Saas and software companies worried about stagnant growth and increased competition.

They may have trouble retaining customers, struggle to with conversions, or worry about accessibility.

Sound familiar? Take a look at how we’ve helped other organizations, just like you.

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Our clients say they work with us because:

1) Our research is scientific, honest, and objective
2) Standard Beagle’s Designer-Developer Circle of Trust
3) Team adeptness

As a result, our clients see an impact on their business. Intrigued?

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Learn from our design and development experts techniques and principles to make your products better.


How to predict the ROI of UX

Why does UX make such a difference? And how can you predict the ROI of UX?  User experience design — also called UX — can have a significant return on investment (ROI) for companies that invest in it. So how can you predict the ROI of UX? One of the most cited stats is that […]

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How to use AI in UX Design

AI is a tool to amplify how we design for better user experiences Ever since ChatGPT started making headlines, there have also been warnings for people in all types of fields that AI is coming for their jobs. It’s true that AI is a threat in some ways and will likely take over tasks that […]

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UX design trends we’re seeing in 2023

Trends? Or direction? Keep an eye on these growing innovations and changes in UX design While I’m no fan of hype, we are seeing a number of UX design trends this year that are worth watching. When I identify trends, I look at topics that tend to be the topic of discussion among a wide […]

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