Why content matters – 3 ways you can lure more people to your site


Embracing original content gives your site the edge

With millions of websites out in the world wide web, how can you make your site stand above the others?  By giving your visitors a reason to come to your site.  Content is WHY people come to your website.

No longer is a website simply an electronic business card or snapshot of your company, it’s now a place to educate and share with your audience.  Your website is a place where you are the expert in your field.

So why not share your knowledge with your clients?

Need some ideas on how to create good content? Here are three ways you can create content that keeps visitors coming back.

  1. The Blog
    The easiest way to create original and accessible content is with a blog.  A blog can help you cultivate a trust with your audience that shares in your expertise.  Give out tips of the trade or share news of upcoming products or events. The most important thing to remember with a blog is to share your knowledge. This isn’t the place to keep a diary of what you ate for lunch. Your blog should be considered a news and information source. Valuable information is why people will keep coming back. It’s also important that you regularly post. Sporadic publishing won’t help you develop a regular audience.
  2. Visual
    Photos, videos and infographics are also amazing visual content types that will serve your site well. Your images don’t have to be professional shots all the time, but they should be clear and in focus.  Share images or videos of behind-the-scenes events or sneak peeks of projects. You can share them in a variety of places — you blog, Instagram, Pinterest. The most important thing here is to share!
  3. Create Brand Ambassadors
    Allow your employees to be content creators.  When you enable your employees to be your experts, you are creating brand ambassadors.  Everyone at your company has a different role and a different perspective, it can really set your company apart to have different points of views.  Your employees are more likely to share their articles to their social networks than one that’s created solely by your marketing or PR team.

Content marketing can be difficult and time consuming for many businesses who might not have a dedicated marketing department. There may come a time when your company needs to outsource some of its content creation to professionals. It’s important to find the right professionals. In future posts, we’ll talk about how to identify the right company and make sure they are a good fit for you!