WordPress mistakes you can easily avoid

We have all made mistakes when it comes to using WordPress.  Here are a few tips to help keep you from making them too.

WordPress mistakes you can correct

Not backing up

This is an easy mistake to make, and an even easier one to not make.  Believe me, have your site go down just once and you will realize the importance of backing up your site.  I recommend BackUpBuddy for easy site backups.

Choosing a free theme

The adage that you get what you pay for is never more true than in WordPress themes. There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress themes, and a great number of them are free.  Resist the urge to utilize one of these free themes unless you know the developer; most of these free themes are bogged down with malicious code.

Checking your Google analytics too often

I know, it’s tempting to see how well those keywords are working or how much traffic your site is generating, but don’t check it too often.  Sit down once or twice a week to go over analytics.  Instead, spend your time creating content for your site.

Using Word as your text editor

OK, I’m going to admit it…I’m guilty of this myself.  Word is great, I use to all the time.  However, have you ever had a computer crash and then BAM your document is gone?  I know most of us are really great about clicking save often during our work…right?   Use the wordpress post editor instead where your work will be auto-saved and don’t lose your hard work again.