Lessons from my 9 year old – knowing your brand

Over the weekend, I went with my daughter to a “Glamtrapaneur” event put on by Girl Scouts of Central Texas. The event featured various female entrepreneurs who spoke to the girls, as well as having each girl create their distinct bracelet line to be later presented to council leaders.

For 4 hours Sunday afternoon, the girls learned about creating their own business; from branding and logo creation to product production to creating a successful sales pitch.

Listening to all of these girls come up with their own unique business plans really was inspiring. Each of them really understood what sort of vision they wanted to portray to their customers and potential buyers.  I don’t know if I would have even known where to begin when I was their ages in creating a company.

It really made me think about we what we do here at Standard Beagle.   We are always putting on different hats to try to help brand our client’s businesses and our even own. From our initial meetings with clients to development and then launch, we try to really focus on what our clients want to express.

Knowing exactly your “voice” and your vision is so important. Every choice should stem from that unique vision, from font to colors choices to even the type of items you want to share on social media.

I have found that blogging can be the easiest (and hardest) way to show your brand. I often have a running list of topics in my head, but I have to remember my brand and how this specific topic applies to our company.  So my list of 20 topics generally equates to two or three actual blog posts.  I used to worry about this, but I figure it’s okay; 2 or 3 posts is better than none at all.  And the more we write, the better we become and the easier it is to find that voice.

I will try to remember my tiny little 9 year old inspirations from last weekend and remember that every blog post, every Pin, every Facebook post, is another unique method of sharing the creative vision that is Standard Beagle Design.