5 Trends We Predict Will Be Big in 2019

We typically stay away from trying to determine the future, however there are a few design trends we have been noticing lately that we think will really take off in 2019.

Microinteractions – As users, we love those small elements that make us feel as if we are really interacting with a website – from the button click, to a cart shake when you add something to your virtual shopping cart. We are going to see a lot more of these small interactions as the next year begins.

Thumb-friendliness – This is not new. Josh Clark brought this up in 2015 in his book Designing for Touch; however, with mobile browsing now firmly in the lead of how users get their information, it’s time we start seeing navigation and call-to-action buttons move to the bottom of the device.

Serif typography – In years past, web fonts have typically been sans serifs due to their modern feel and easy readability on the web. However, more and more brands are starting to use bold serif fonts for headers and call-outs on their websites. Since serifs were designed to be more decorative, these are perfect fonts for text you want to add emphasis. Want to see a list of good serifs to use for web?

Diversity in imagery – Start looking at your holiday mailers and you will see that images are starting to reflect the diversity of our culture. More ethnicities, more diverse family dynamics, more realistic body shapes, more images that reflect your audience.

Video – Websites to will start prioritizing high quality video production in order to make themselves more easily searchable on Google and offer content in more shareable ways. Google has made changes toward mixed search page results, where they feature video content above standard web pages.


What do you think? Are there other trends you expect to really take off for 2019? It will be interesting to look back in 12 months and see if we were wrong or not.