Make your business stand out on Google Maps

I had to look up a business the other day where I was planning to attend a WordPress meetup. What I discovered on Google Maps made me gasp with excitement.

Take a look at what I found first on Google Maps:

Google Maps results

I saw that little interior image on the left side, but I didn’t really see what it was until I decided to check out the Street View.

Google Maps



Interior images of the business — right there on Google Maps! I didn’t even have to go the website.  I was so excited. In fact, I spent more than a few minutes exploring the inside of the business.

What a great move for this business. It is a co-working business focused on creatives and women — and because of these photos, I didn’t even have to get in my car and visit the building to know what the facilities look like. I already have a good idea if I ever decide to look for a space.

Apparently, I haven’t been exploring Google Maps enough to know that this option came out a couple of years ago. You could hire a Google-trusted photographer in your area to come out and shoot high-quality images inside your business.

Immediately I started thinking of all of my clients whose businesses depend on creating an experience for their customers. These are the clients that have establishments their customers can visit.

But you know, I think most businesses could benefit – even those that don’t have customers that visit. These photos give a glimpse into their personalities, and they may just bring businesses close to their customers.

  • What about an artist in his studio?
  • A writer in her office?
  • A personal chef in her kitchen?

It appears to have an added SEO benefit. Google says the images can help set businesses apart on Google Maps and Google+ Local.

Well, it worked on me with Posh Co-Working.