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Standard Beagle Nominated for 2022 UX Design Awards

2 UX projects nominated for awards The 2022 UX Design Awards announced nominations and Standard Beagle has two projects honored. Judges nominated Standard Beagle’s design work for Circlage’s surgical evaluation platform and MedNet’s clinical database platform from among 124 projects to compete in the global competition for user experience excellence. These entries now move to […]

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Dark Patterns: Experiences designed to trick you

Dark patterns intentionally mislead you Dark patterns are experiences that are designed to trick you into doing things you typically wouldn’t want to do. These are often carefully created user interface elements that aim to deceive the user. Harry Brignull was the first UX specialist to coin the term dark patterns to describe these deceptive […]

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Shapes and design

Six Visual Design Basics for a Strong Design

“Design is one of the few disciplines that is a science as well as an art. Effective, meaningful design requires intellectual, rational rigor along with the ability to elicit emotions and beliefs.” – Debbie Millman At Standard Beagle, we are focused on continuing education. We find it’s an important part of diversifying our skill sets, and consistently […]

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