What a Professional Web Designer Can Do

This is a common question among business owners who are trying to cut costs by designing their websites themselves. With the growing amount of online tutorials, software, and platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly, it is becoming more commonplace for businesses to try build their own websites instead of hiring an outside company.  While those free platforms can be helpful for some small businesses or bloggers, true customization can not happen without a professional. 

There is a big difference between “that guy you know”, who may know the basics of building a site, and a professional web design/development company. If a person doesn’t design websites for a living, then it is probably a red flag. Designers and developers are knowledgeable on everything that goes into building a custom website, from building original themes and designing user-friendly page layouts to  knowing which plugins to use and how to test the functionality of the site before your customers see it. 

The webdesign industry is constantly changing and evolving, and if you are not keeping up with the trends and industry standards, your website will reflect it.  This is where the professionals like Standard Beagle come in.

The Top 5 Advantages


We will make you stand out from your competitors.

Basic templates can be used to build a website, but using an original theme will make companies stand out among their competition. This custom theme will also offer more customization and better website functionality to be tailored to your specific needs for your company.   

We provide a better user experience.

User experience is everything. If your website is too hard to navigate, your customers will go elsewhere.

Users expect sites to be easy to navigate, information to be in certain places and for the site to be fast.  This type of expertise cannot be found in tutorials, but instead learned over years and years of being in the industry. 

We can ensure browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness.

Compatibility across browsers can be a big challenge. Your site may look great on your desktop computer, but then when you look at your friend’s iPad or mobile device, your site displays completely different. This is something that web design/development companies have processes for testing. We are knowledgeable on how to make your site and function well across all devices.  According to a recent study, 40% of users start a task on one device and finish on another.  So having your site perform on all browsers and devices is imperative. 

We can provide advanced features.  

Your needs may change as your audience grows, and the features you may need on your site can change. Do you want a fancy navigation menu, image slider or possibly a long form that your clients can fill out on your website? You may not start out with these needs, but if you use a website builder and want to transfer your website from one server to another, you may run into compatibility issues. We can offer you the ideal website for your business needs, so that you can focus on what YOU do best – developing your own business and increasing sales.

We are technology experts.

Professional designers and developers keep up with the latest trends and changes in technology. We are always looking for the best and most efficient programs to get things done in a timely manner and deliver the best results. At Standard Beagle, we attend conferences, continuing education courses, and are active members in the technology community, so that we are always on top of our game. 


Every business is different and has different needs for their website and we understand that here at Standard Beagle Studio. If you still aren’t sure if hiring a professional is the route that your company should go, please contact us and we will do a consultation to see where your needs are and do our best to guide you in the right direction for your website.