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Standard Beagle works with growing B2B software and health tech organizations to uncover and solve problems through UX strategy, user research, and product design.

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Standard Beagle ensures your product launch is successful and that you have the tools you need to extend the lifetime value of your customers. We are product experts with flexible project plans so you feel confident in the results.

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Standard Beagle works with B2B SaaS and health tech companies who are concerned about stagnant growth and increased competition. If you want to retain customers, increase conversions, or ensure your product is accessible to all humans, we’re here to help.

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Your team needs more than deliverables. You need a partner. Standard Beagle offers a flexible model for growing companies, whether it’s a single designer or a senior team helping you handle fast-paced change.

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Learn from our design and development experts techniques and principles to make your products better.

Multi-ethnic community, big cultural diversity group background illustration in modern collage painting style.

How to improve the first-time experience in B2B software

Improving the first-time experience can improve retention B2B products provide organizations with the tools and resources they need to streamline their processes, improve communication and collaboration, and increase productivity. However, for software solutions to truly be successful, it’s important that it provides an excellent first-time experience for users. A first-time experience is like a first […]

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Set of UI, UX, GUI screens

Visual design essentials for B2B SaaS products

Include these visual design principles in your B2B product Visual design is a critical aspect of the user experience for any software product, including B2B SaaS products. A well-designed visual interface not only improves the usability and functionality of a product, but it also creates a strong brand identity and builds trust with customers. In […]

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Computer generated 3D illustration with the Trojan Horse at Troy

How to develop a UX strategy for a new product

A UX strategy is key to product success In just about every situation, a good UX strategy makes all the difference. Let’s think about one of the oldest examples of strategy. In the Trojan War — a legendary conflict at the core of Homer’s Iliad — the Greeks besieged the city of Troy for nine […]

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