About Standard Beagle

Yee-haw! Standard Beagle Studio is a user experience design and development agency, headquartered in Austin, TX — the Silicon Hills and tech center of the south.

We collaborate with you so that you can bring the best experience to your users. Our expert team members love what they do, bringing imagination and delight to every project and exceeding your expectations.


Our Culture

Standard Beagle’s guiding values are the root of our culture. We are Design Thinking specialists who will delight you with creative technology. Using our proven process, we bring our A-game with every interaction and every project.

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Our Values

Imagination & Creativity
We bring imagination and creativity into everything we do: thinking outside of the box and looking for new ways to innovate.

Do the Right Thing
We do right by the client to take care of issues we cause and be fair in the business we conduct.

Quietly Confident
We know we are highly skilled, but we’re not braggadocios. We don’t need to be boastful because it comes through in our confidence and results.

Dogged Curiosity
We are constant learners. We’re always pushing ourselves to learn more — even on our own time — because we’re that curious about the world and how to improve our skills.

Empathetic Listening
We put ourselves in the clients’ shoes. Rather than immediately dismissing a request, we think on it, leaning in to understand the reason and consider the impact.

Our Core Focus

What sets us apart?


We dig down until we find the bone of the issue.


We come up with ideas and lead the pack to a solution.


We implement our ideas and iterate on them to find the perfect solution because that’s what we love to do.

We support our community

Giving back our time and being part of our community is a big part of what we do. We participate as members, board members, or volunteers for the following organizations:

  • AAF Austin
  • Rotary International / Rotary Club of Austin
  • UX in ATX
  • IIBA Austin
  • Technology Advisors Group (TAG Austin)
  • UXPA International
  • Metropolitan Breakfast Club
  • YMCA of Austin
  • Concordia School of Nursing Advisory Board

Our History

What is a standard beagle?

There was only one standard beagle to ever exist, and her name was Bennie. She looked like a giant beagle. She was actually a valuable — but lesser-known — hunting breed called a Treeing Walker Coonhound. Because she was so large (and looked like a beagle) we joked that she was a “standard beagle.” When our founders rebranded in 2012, they chose that name for our company because it was unique and no one else had it. The “standard beagle” joke also captured much of the spirit of our company: fun, creative, quirky. Things are much the same today. Our team meetings are often filled with laughter and we still love talking about our dogs.

Bennie passed on in 2016, and we will never forget her.

Curious about what she was like? Read this, watch this, and watch this.

Our Team

Creative Director & Founder

Cindy Brummer

Cindy Brummer, Creative Director and Founder, leads our small but mighty team of UX designers and developers, helping clients improve their services and technology to better serve their user bases. Her favorite part of her job is working with her team through the ideation process of discovery and design.

Senior Developer / Lead Architect

Andy Brummer

Andy Brummer is a stellar software architect, developer, and system admin. He also serves as senior developer on our Agile team — mentoring the rest of the team to help them learn and stay challenged and providing input on how the team should tackle project tasks.

Product Designer & Illustrator

Lauren Ashizawa

Lauren Ashizawa is a product designer, illustrator, and storyteller who specializes in UX research and design.

UX / Web Developer

John Hazelwood

John is an experienced web developer, as well as a certified User Experience Designer and Project/Product Manager. He has over a decade of experience helping clients establish their digital footprints. Adept at cultivating immersive relationships with clients, John uses every project to build trust and confidence in the outcomes

Client Account Manager

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a dynamic professional with a rich background in warehousing and logistics, seamlessly transitioning into the realm of project management.

Social Media Manager

Luke Brummer

Luke Brummer is fascinated with using nontraditional and social media to tell stories, particularly about the LGBTQ+ community and has a passion for inclusive design and communication. Luke has a great work ethic and is a very creative person.

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