UX Research & Usability

Make better decisions

We help you understand your customers’ needs and motivations

We take a holistic approach to understanding users by combining qualitative and quantitative methods, based on the needs of your project. User and customer research helps our clients understand their customers so they can make better decisions. Our research methods remove the guesswork and reduce the risk of building solutions that fall flat.

We offer standalone UX research services or can combine with user experience design and/or custom web and software development based on your needs.


How we help

Customer Discovery

Need to figure out who your customers are and how to engage with them? We’ve worked with clients at the very beginning of their product or service idea to uncover customer segments and what matters to them.

This type of generative research includes interviewing customers from various segments of the market and providing a report of findings and recommendations.

User Research

Our process for user research considers both quantitative and qualitative data. We’ve worked with our clients to answer specific questions about user behavior through a variety of methods.

The methods we recommend depend on the questions we are trying to answer, and they may include surveys, user interviews, focus groups, analytics analysis, heat maps, heuristic evaluations, ethnographic observation or diary studies.

Usability Testing

User testing can uncover friction in your product or service that you didn’t know was there. The insights from usability testing give our clients a roadmap for which issues are most important and what to tackle next.

We may also conducted competitive usability testing to uncover issues in competitor products and give your team more insight into what’s working and what doesn’t.

Reporting & Recommendations

Research is only useful if you can take actionable next steps.

We provide our clients with a summary and detailed report of what we found and our recommendations for next steps.

This report may also include a presentation to you and your team so that you can ask questions about the findings.

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Our Solutions

We help you understand your customers through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, from user interviews through usability testing.

We design the experience that best suits the customers' needs and motivations through wireframing, visual, and interaction design.

Lower the risk of innovation through our design sprint process. Our certified facilitation experts will help you pinpoint an idea, then prototype and test to give you solid answers.

Our experienced, full-stack team is well-versed in building features and enhancements on a continuous basis. We work with you to decide the platform and develop custom solutions.