Tunes from the Team: Food and Drink

Listen while you work.

Each week, we’re sharing a curated Spotify playlist with tunes we recommend, loosely related to the theme of the week.

This week, we couldn’t stop thinking about food! One of the few constants in an increasingly inconsistent world is food, whether that’s your favorite soda or your number one taco spot (foreshadowing!). Similar to how the perfect meal is composed of elements in harmony, a side dish that pairs well with the protein, a balance of salty, sweet, acid, fat and heat; we have it all here. It’s a smörgåsbord of singles, a buffet of all genres from 1980’s punk rock, rock-a-billy, rap and hip hop, classic rock, hair metal, funk, and everything in between. Just don’t listen to this mix on an empty stomach.

Enjoy this week’s Tunes from the Team!