Tunes from the Team: Playlist of the Damned

We’re celebrating Torchy’s Tacos this week.

One of our favorite taco joints just launched their Torchy’s Family Foundation website and so we put together a playlist that reflects our feelings when we sink our teeth in a delicious taco. Much like the love put into every savory taco, we made sure this playlist was balanced, with the flavors of all genres; pop, delta blues, classic rock, southern rap, and early 2000s emo. These songs aren’t just hot, they’re down right spicy; they are hellacious, and yet you can’t help but love these tunes.

When you see the taco chain’s little devil mascot, I’m always reminded of the long history of Robert Johnson, and the folklore surrounding him; a guitar player so talented, his skills could only be the result of a deal with the devil himself down at the crossroads. Johnson went on to record his music only twice, once in San Antonio and once more in Dallas. Whether you give much credence to these popular myths, for whatever reason, a lot of popular musicians from all genres have used similar imagery in their songs, whether they’re on a “Highway to Hell” or they’re simply “Good as Hell.”

Music is one of the few constants in this world that we can always turn to when we want to feel good. Music and tacos of course. Truly a match made in heaven.

If you can listen to only one song, my recommendation is either “Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues” by Buddy Guy or the classic rock ‘n’ roll staple “Hells Bells” by AC/DC. Put those on, and then go to your nearest Torchy’s and order “The Sanchez” off their secret menu. Tell them Daniel sent you.