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Everyone should have access to apps and tools on the web. When we design for accessibly, we create a better experience for all. That’s why Standard Beagle bakes accessibility standards into our work.

Our team understands up-to-date Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and we go above and beyond to make a usable experience an enjoyable experience.

Whether it’s auditing an existing product or creating something new, we are always on the lookout for ways to ensure easier access and wider reach.

What We Do

We consider accessibility at any stage, following WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 standards. With our extensive experience with government agencies and health institutions, we can meet strict usability requirements.

We look out for:

  • Layout, navigation, and design patterns that lessen user cognitive load.
  • Color contrast and text readability meeting A, AA, or AAA level standards.
  • Visual design that does not come at the expense of easier functionality
  • Development that allows for alternate methods of navigation and visualization.

Our Implementation

We know accessibility can be implemented at all stages of design and development. Here are some of the ways we can create an easier experience for all users:

  • Rethink the way you understand the target user to eliminate bias
  • Identify opportunities for improvement through heuristic evaluations
  • Design in tandem with developers, ensuring accessibility throughout
  • Use code design practices that accommodate screen readers and keyboard navigation

We can also help with VPAT documentation, and can refer trusted third-parties for audits that require certification.

Learn how we helped Torchy’s Tacos assess accessibility in their marketing website.

Our Solutions

We help you understand your customers through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, from user interviews through usability testing.

We design the experience that best suits the customers' needs and motivations through wireframing, visual, and interaction design.

Lower the risk of innovation through our design sprint process. Our certified facilitation experts will help you pinpoint an idea, then prototype and test to give you solid answers.

Our experienced, full-stack team is well-versed in building features and enhancements on a continuous basis. We work with you to decide the platform and develop custom solutions.

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