What happened to the FRP?

FRP podcast

The FRP was a Strategy

The FRP Podcast - Business, Design, Creativity, and SuccessIn 2015, we hatched a plan to try out podcasting. It was part of an idea to change up our company marketing. Everyone was doing it — why not us?

The FRP started out rough. We weren’t exactly sure what we were doing. Sally and I sat down every week to talk about something related to our work. We edited the sound, created the show notes, and published.

As the weeks wore on, we started running out of ideas. Actually, I think we were full of ideas, we just didn’t feel like talking about them. We started inviting guests to be on the show. Week after week we invited guests. And we had some great guests. Carlos Crespo talked about SEO with us. Dan Corbin stopped by to talk about Agile. With other guests, we discussed tango, cyber security, grammar, animation, and so much more.

Did it Work?

Sally and I kept up podcasting for over a year and a half. But eventually, we were worn out. We tried to revive it after a long hiatus, but ultimately we decided we were done.

We looked at how much time we were spending booking guests, recording the show, and publishing — and we realized that it was a lot of time that wasn’t paying off the dividends we imagined when we first started. Plus, it distracted us from our work.

Podcasting turned out to be a great way to network and get to know people. I also found it to be great practice for just learning how to listen to people, which is a great skill for sales. Whether it directly led to any new business is up for debate. It certainly benefited me indirectly.

Time to Say Goodbye

The FRP was really fun. In the end, it led us away from our focus: UX design and development. So we hung up our microphone in 2018.

We’ve decided to retire the FRP. Some of our shows were gold mines of information that we will eventually rewrite and post here on our blog for you to benefit from.

For now, thank you for listening. We appreciate you!