Design Sprints

Innovation on a shortened timeline

A design sprint gives you clear answers on your ideas and assumptions with less risk in less time.

Top companies that have participated in a design sprint have found significant time savings when compared to standard processes for testing ideas. This means less overall cost.

Design sprints with Standard Beagle also mean you participate in the process, from determining what questions to ask to co-creating the concepts to test.

How a Design Sprint works

Remote or in-person facilitation

Standard Beagle’s Design Sprint process can take place either in-person or remotely. Each facilitation method is specialized to the medium and fine-tuned to maximize results. Standard Beagle provides an experienced facilitator, designer, and user testing specialist as part of the process.

Client participation

Design Sprint clients have the opportunity to participate in all key areas of the process. This means they have input in the questions to answer and the concepts to test without being required to block more time than necessary.

Action plan and design handoff

Standard Beagle’s Design Sprint team guides you through the entire process and gives you clear yes/no answers to your questions at the conclusion. We provide a summary report with user testing details, the interactive design prototypes, and an action plan for your next steps.

Why a Standard Beagle Design Sprint?

Standard Beagle is uniquely qualified to guide your Design Sprint.

Our facilitators are certified and trained in design sprint 2.0 facilitation. They also bring broad cross-disciplinary experience.

In addition, our lead facilitator is an award-winning instructor, speaker, and has more than 13 years of digital design experience.


With every design sprint, you receive:

  • User testing report and recommendations
  • Next steps action plan
  • High-fidelity prototype, developer-ready
  • Yes/no answers to Sprint questions