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How to implement design thinking in your workplace

Why implementing the design thinking process in your workplace is important It is important to implement design thinking in your work environment because it helps to simplify complex problems. By thinking like a designer, teams can learn to create human-centered solutions instead of solving problems based on assumptions. It helps to break down key issues, […]

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Why is empathy so important in design?

User-centeredness relies on connecting to users via empathy Empathy is one of the most important soft skills you can have, especially as a UX designer. Connecting with humans by understanding their feelings and unique view of the world allows for better understanding. Once we have a deeper understanding of the people for whom we are […]

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The basics of innovation and design thinking

Incorporating innovation into your business model can prove to be very valuable for you and your company. It is the key to success in business now. Being on the forefront and continuously evolving and innovating gives a competitive advantage to your organization.

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