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Onboarding new users after a redesign — Tips and techniques

After a redesign of a big website or app, figuring out how to best onboard new users always comes into question. The technique used to onboard can leave a lasting first impression on the user which makes it crucial to be executed correctly. There are different techniques that can be used with different kinds of […]

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Which eCommerce platform is right for you?  

As a digital agency, we are often tasked with either helping a client choose an ecommerce platform, or with customizing their chosen platform to their individual needs. While our approach is often customized on our client’s needs, there are several key elements that business owners who want an ecommerce solution need to consider.   We […]

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Social Media

7 Social Media tips from the PBS social media experts

While at SXSW, I attended the PBS Social Media session which featured the social media teams of Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow and American Experience.   The biggest shock to me was that these “teams” actually consisted of one single person for each show.  And it wasn’t even their full time gig! Some of their best practices that […]

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