Questions for the team: What is the importance of usability testing?

Do you really need usability testing? Usability testing can be one of the most overlooked and most critical aspects when designing and developing an app, a website, or software.

If you can test the functionality upfront, the faster you can find issues and bugs that might need to be redesigned or fixed after development. Usability testing is critical because it is a proactive way to catch problems before a launch. As developers and designers, we think differently than the intended user may think, so usability testing ensures that the UX design is positive and intuitive for users. Knowing the target audience and how they will use the website, app or software preempt many headaches for all.

Many think that usability testing is too expensive, but if done right, it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Testing from the very beginning is the way to approach design and development for the optimal positive UX. Starting with low-fi and moving through many iterations to get to the more complicated high-fi and coded finished product is an affordable way to implement these necessary tests.

The main take away is, test early, often, and think like your target customer. Listen to customer feedback because they are the ones that will be using your product, it might even take in a better direction that brings in new revenue streams.

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