5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Agency to Augment your Team

Startup - augment your tech team by hiring a digital agencySome companies may be hesitant to hire an outside agency because they are very skilled at what they do in-house and don’t see the need,  and/or  benefit. But – what if you could maximize your ROI by getting more done in less time? This is what augmenting your technology needs can do for you when the in-house employees are pushed to their limits with time, and you need to get a project done efficiently and in a timely manner. You can successfully execute an entire project, from start to finish, by using an outside agency to help augment your needs.

Think about augmentation as an extension of your team. For example, you may be a technology startup that isn’t ready to hire on more full-time employees, because you want to be smart about your current budget and helping the company continue to advance financially. Sometimes hiring an outside agency to help, rather than more internal employees, is the best way to do this.

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Agency to Augment your Team

1. Immediate Impact

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. You have projects rolling in, but you don’t have the internal capacity to get them all done by the deadline. When hiring a small boutique agency to help you can get things done a lot faster, and prove to your client that you can handle deadlines, which in turn will land you more business and or referrals.

2. It is cost effective

value vs price - augment your tech teamHiring an outside agency is typically much less expensive than hiring a new employee and potentially having to relocate them, pay for training costs, and additional incentive compensation. Technology professionals are highly skilled and are not cheap to hire as a full time employee . Hiring someone at a monthly rate, rather than incurring the expense of on-boarding a permanent employee, can be a huge benefit for your budget. Basically, you have work to get done, but you don’t want the long term financial commitment.

3. Overcomes lack of internal capacities

The internal capacity of your team has been stretched thin. You need your employees focused on the projects and deadlines they have in front of them and they will do a better job of doing so if they aren’t overwhelmed. One thing to keep in mind is that it is OKAY to lack internal capacities to get things done in the most efficient way. This is common, and is why companies choose to augment their teams.

4. Keeps focus on core business

Business Development - augment your team by hiring a digital agencyOften times when your team gets busy with several projects happening at once, it is difficult to stay focused on the businesses core marketing efforts. This is where a lot of companies fall short, because they feel so busy when they have several projects going on, but you always have to be looking forward. What happens when these projects run out? Then what? Do you have more projects in the pipeline or will you be scrambling? This is a common mistake of many tech startups, or just startups in general. You want to keep certain team members focused on your core business to avoid this from happening and to continue to grow and succeed.

5. Avoid having to learn EVERYTHING

Hiring an agency is different than it used to be. Digital agencies are not the same as when they first started. We adapt to change in order to help our clients reach their business goals and reach their target markets. You can avoid having to learn it all and avoid having to keep up with all of the trends yourself by hiring an agency to help you augment your teams in the right direction.

If you have questions about augmenting your team with the help of a digital agency, Standard Beagle can provide a free consultation to help you determine if something like this is the right fit for you. Contact us today.