Torchy’s Tacos Accessibility Audit

Accessibility Audit and Recommendations

The Challenge

How might we help Torchy’s customers of all abilities access critical information?

Torchy’s Tacos is a popular taco joint based in Austin, Texas. With over 75 locations in multiple states, the company worried that it was not reaching all of its customers.

They turned to Standard Beagle to help figure out what changes needed to be made to the main Torchy’s website in order to make sure it was inclusive of all abilities.

The Solution

We used multiple accessibility assessment tools to audit the site and ensure accuracy.

We conducted an audit of the website’s accessibility, focusing on the elements needed for Level A and Level AA accessibility.

In general, content on the site met required accessibility standards. However we did find some areas for improvement.

Design Recommendations

  • Adjust main call-to-action button to use text and change label.
  • Allow more interactive elements to be reached via the keyboard and label their roles with the appropriate aria-role tags.
  • Adjust use of headings to be in order of importance.
  • Make sure templates only use one H1 per page.


Standard Beagle delivered our accessibility findings and recommendations in a report and reviewed them with the client. This report included an estimate of the effort needed to make any changes.

Following delivery of our report, COVID-19 shut down much of the United States, hitting the restaurant and hospitality industries especially hard. We were not able to continue our work with Torchy’s as the company made swift and immediate changes to adjust. However, Torchy’s remained committed to accessibility for its patrons.

Our Solutions

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