QDS Web App Development

Continuous Enhancements for a Software Solution

The Challenge

How might we help the software creators expand and grow their tool in the market?

Quality Driven Software (QDS) specializes in helping service-based companies by automating customer surveys, capturing responses in real-time, and providing proactive reporting on employee performance.

QDS had been using a freelancer to help develop and maintain the software; however, they had become increasingly frustrated with the pace of development and the communication with the developer.

The app had also become fragile and unstable as the software grew in features and use.

The Solution

We set up weekly check ins with the client to talk through needs and show deliverables.

Standard Beagle worked with QDS during a transitional period with the other developer to help stabilize the software and prioritize bug fixes and reporting requirements.

During the transitional phase, it became obvious that the software was much more fragile than previously understood, and pieces of the code base needed to be reworked and modernized. Many times a bug fix would end up crashing other portions of the software that were not related, and we had to rethink the testing process with specific environments to test upon.

We brought in our project management system and agile development process in order to solidify the testing and staging environments.


In the first six months of our work, the software was stabilized, and we have been able to identify and fix the bug issues. Our client has seen an increase in client satisfaction and has entrusted our team to begin a new feature request that will elevate the entire platform.

With our design thinking process, we have begun to implement design sprints in order to think through various user stories and scenarios to best develop the software for all users. We have continued to maintain and enhance the software, adding integrations and features so that the software can attract new customers.

Our Solutions

We help you understand your customers through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, from user interviews through usability testing.

We design the experience that best suits the customers' needs and motivations through wireframing, visual, and interaction design.

Lower the risk of innovation through our design sprint process. Our certified facilitation experts will help you pinpoint an idea, then prototype and test to give you solid answers.

Our experienced, full-stack team is well-versed in building features and enhancements on a continuous basis. We work with you to decide the platform and develop custom solutions.