Fischer & Weiser Website Development

The Challenge

How might we help customers find their products while streamlining operations?

Fischer & Wieser is a culinary retailer and cooking school based in Fredericksburg, Texas. They engaged with an Austin-based marketing firm to redesign their website experience.

Among the goals: streamline the website retail operations in order to improve efficiency and update the branding.

The marketing firm turned to Standard Beagle to develop key portions of the experience.

The Solution

We worked closely with the marketing agency to implement the needed templates, integrate Shopify, and provide ongoing support.

We worked with the marketing agency to determine the best way to handle the products on the site.

Initially, the retailer wanted to have the products fully integrated on a WordPress site. We selected a plugin integration that would display the products on the WordPress side while all product management and sales were handled via Shopify.

We also worked with the agency to choose an appropriate theme that best suited the proposed design.

Our role in this project included determining site architecture, advising on site design, configuring Shopify, developing global styling, and developing required page templates.


The new website launched in time for the next holiday season. has strong site traffic, with an estimated 633,000 site visits over 90 days. The client continues to leverage Shopify as its store, and it uses the WordPress site for its marketing needs.

Our Solutions

We take a holistic approach to solving your problems by using the design thinking methodology to help you identify with your user to find the right solution.

We use design thinking methodology to understand, ideate, and then design an experience that best suits the customers' needs and motivations.

By setting a UX strategy, organizations can increase the accessibility and inclusion of their products and services without stretching their teams too thin.

Our experienced team is well-versed in building features and enhancements on a continuous basis. We meet with you weekly to sync up on status and provide guidance.

How can UX improve your organization's value with customers? Schedule a short conversation to find out how Standard Beagle's TRU/X process would work for you.