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Paula Pierce, attorney at P. Pierce Law, is a business attorney and expert in ID Theft. She has spent more than a decade fighting for ID Theft victims.

She wanted to create a membership program to help people who have had their ID stolen recover on their own.

How might we design a membership site that still provide basic help to non-members.


The scope of this project was to design and develop a small membership-driven content website.


We were limited by budget for this project. Because it was an experiment for the site owner, it was important that the budget be minimized.


In order to meet the constraints of the project, we limited the number of steps in our design process and kept site development as small as possible.

Our Goal

Our goals for this project were to:

  • Allow the site to grow with new articles
  • Allow basic content to be accessible without a subscription
  • Take a small subscription payment for membership
  • Track members and non members

Our Solution

Our solution was to design and develop a simple ecommerce solution to display premium content for members.

We decided to build the site in WordPress and use Woocommerce for subscriptions so that the site could be hosted with the site owner’s other sites and also be maintained by her team.


The new ID Theft Help TX website is a strong companion resource for the site owner’s book on recovering from ID Theft.

People are able to access articles on the site and are prompted to sign up for a membership at different points in the user journey. Memberships are set at $5 per month in order to make the resource as accessible as possible to anyone who has been a victim.

Our Process


We needed to understand the needs and frustrations of the end user – ID Theft victims in Texas.

There was not budget in the scope to conduct user interviews to inform the design, so we interviewed the stakeholder.

Stakeholder Interviews

Our client explained that ID theft is extremely common, and most people don’t realize they don’t need a paid service or attorney to help them recover. It’s possible to take steps on your own. Most people have to do all of the legwork themselves, even when they have an attorney to help.

What victims really needed was a resource guide that takes them through the process step-by-step.


Information Architecture

The client’s information about the user’s goals and motivations gave us a starting point for exploring the design.

Our team worked together in a whiteboard session to work through the flow of the site. Our goal was to keep it as simple as possible, yet still hit all of the requirements.

Whiteboard Information Architecture


The client was excited by the direction of the site and gave us approval for moving forward with the design.

Style Tile

We designed a style tile for the direction of the design. The client chose the direction that would use color psychology to offer comfort to users and build trust. At the same time, we chose a bright color for calls to action in order to stand out.

Headings were bold and rounded to look less corporate and offer some personality. And the corners were rounded to soften the messaging.


Once the client chose a direction for the look and feel, we focused on the site layout through wireframes. We designed templates to be used in the CMS with content areas that the client would be able to change over time.


Standard Beagle developed a custom child theme for the site on the Genesis Framework.

Front-End Development

We built out the specified templates in the theme and integrated Woocommerce functionality. We imported content the client wrote and configured the navigation and sidebars.


  • Woocommerce integration for monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Login for premium members
  • Mobile responsive

Part of our work included technical SEO to ensure that the site was set up for SEO success. We ensured that the site was built with appropriate headings and tags and was clean and easy for Google to access.


The ecommerce aspect of the site required extensive testing.

Quality Assurance

We put a dedicated QA resource on the project to test for any defects and bugs. Then, anything uncovered was addressed prior to launch.

Next Steps

We loved the helping aspect of this site and want to make sure it sees success.

We would like to see this site go through additional SEO work, through backlinking and writing for keywords, so that it shows up higher in search results.

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