Focus Fitness

Growing Client Base Year Over Year

The Challenge

How might we attract new clients who need a better plan for health?

Our Process

Focus Fitness is a semi-private training studio based in Austin, Texas. The founder had a website that he felt needed to be redesigned.

The site was strong in terms of content and search engine visibility.

However, the site’s design was three years old, and Focus Fitness needed a design refresh to help convert potential customers more effectively and create a community feel for existing customers.

The Solution

Our efforts would allow customers to explore the gym through imagery and customer testimonials and stories.

Focus Fitness asked Standard Beagle to redesign and develop the website so that prospective clients would feel that the gym would help them achieve their goals.

We put together a plan to present the features and benefits of Focus Fitness in a rich and compelling manner, including client stories and video.


Implement story-based marketing
The design should be updated in order to showcase more client stories and images.

Improve website conversions
Highlight calls-to-action and forms to entice users to take specific actions for lead generation.

Create a community for clients
Give existing customers a reason to return frequently to the site, whether through viewing featured stories and images about their friends, viewing upcoming events, or reading educational material.


For the first two months following the launch of the site, Focus Fitness’ site traffic increased by 20 percent month over month.

Traffic continued to increase or remain steady for the next year. Focus Fitness achieved its goal of increasing clientele by more than 50 percent. Based on the metrics and feedback from the client, Standard Beagle met the project objectives.


This project took eight weeks to complete, from the start of the redesign to launch.


We were limited to working on the UX design and development of the website for Focus Fitness. Extensive research was not included in this project due to budget limitations.


We redesigned the existing website, which was on WordPress, and decided to continue with the CMS because the client was most familiar with it.


While our client had provided basic information about the company and its business objections, we needed to dive deeper.

Stakeholder Interviews
We interviewed the client and observed the gym operations and how he and his team worked. The insights we generated as a result of this discovery helped us understand the community aspect of the gym and what would appeal to the target market.

Heuristic Evaluation
We also assessed the existing website. We knew that most of the content would be reused in the redesign, but how might we make it more effective?

We evaluated how the site was structured and organized and thought about how it might be improved.


Now that we had a clear understanding of the situation and how prospective and current clients interact with Focus Fitness, we could explore improvements.

User Persona
We developed a user persona to help us empathize with the website users.

Persona Highlights

  • Tried other gyms and not had a positive experience.
  • Busy entrepreneur
  • Been injured in a program not developed for them.

Information Architecture
We designed the site map to be simple. We wanted to make sure that the site would scale as additional key content was added to the site.


Focus Fitness has a strong visual brand, and the client shared the branding guide with us to work from.

Style Tile
We designed a single style tile, based on the branding guide, as a tool for development and to ensure that we were moving in the right visual direction.

Hi-Fi Wireframes
We moved onto high-fidelity wireframes next. While we typically do a step with mid-fi wireframes, in this case we decided to skip that step because the branding was so strong and the budget was limited.


Focus Fitness gave us access to the existing website so we could work with existing content more easily.

Front-end Development
We made a copy of the site to our development server and then went to work.

We adjusted the navigation menus and page structure. Then we installed our new WordPress theme. We built a custom child theme for Focus Fitness on the Genesis framework for long-term stability.

We integrated several key plugins on the site, including essential plugins the client wanted to keep, including Active Campaign, Thrive Dashboard, and Google Analytics.


We continued to assess the website’s performance following the site’s launch.

Google Analytics Assessment
We analyzed Google Analytics reports, and we made recommendations to enhance the site over time.

Key Recommendations

  • Add details to Pricing page
  • More closely integrate “How It Works” with “Pricing” and “Contact”
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