Carole Callaghan Law

Online Estate Planning Tool

The Challenge

How might we help more people be prepared with a will and estate plan?

Carole Callaghan Law wanted to help more people set up estate plans.

The firm knew that many people were not prepared and wanted to reach more people to set up estate plans.

The firm had a basic estate plan package, intended to drive efficiency; however, the need to meet face-to-face with clients reduced its ability to help more people.

The Solution

We developed an automated online estate planning package for Texas.

The law firm turned to Standard Beagle for help.

We leveraged online technology to reduce the amount of time needed to create a discounted basic estate plan.


  • Provide a way for a user to purchase a basic estate plan at a discounted price and have their questions answered with legal advice not available through other online legal document services.
  • Eliminate the need for the firm to have face to face contact with the client, allowing the firm to produce more estate packages in less time.
  • Automate part of the estate document production process. This would allow the attorney to save potentially several hours in creating the estate documents and taking payment per estate planning package.


  • Online forms to qualify users and collect data
  • Ability to receive basic estate planning documents
  • Instructions on how to file documents.
    This feature also provide additional explanations about Texas law to help users fill out the form and will include a payment system.
  • Payment system

The new tool integrated with the client’s existing website.


The online estate planning tool launched as an integrated tool and reduced the time and effort for both users and the attorney.

The tool was simple to maintain and users were able to easily use it. Payment was handled through a common WordPress ecommerce system to handle PCI compliance and provide payment security.

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