Avion Park Homes

User experience design to meet a sales goal

The Challenge

How might we attract prospective home buyers looking in a competitive market?

Avion Park is a modern, home development located in East Austin.

When the site’s developers first came to us, the development was nearly completed and only one home had been sold. Avion Park already had a website, but it was not as effective as the developers had hoped.

The developers engaged with Standard Beagle to redesign the website and showcase Avion Park in a way that would appeal to their target market.

The Solution

It was important to the site owners that they be able to update the website after launch, so we built components to be easy to update and trained the site owners on how to use the site.

We helped the site owners define their goals for the site and heavily researched the target audience.

Our research uncovered what was most important for potential buyers and what motivated them to buy. Then, we created a fresh design that captured the flavor of the neighborhood and appealed to a younger, hipper market.

The design was simple and repeated the modern feel of the homes in the look and feel. We built interactive features to explore each floor plan and illustrate which units were sold and which were available. This also heightened the sense of urgency for buyers. We also produced several videos to showcase the features of each home and give potential buyers an inside look.


Within 9 months of launch, all but one unit had sold in the development, and the site owners were excited by the website’s success.

The website was later decommissioned because it had served its purpose.