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Blind person using computer with braille computer display and a computer keyboard. Blindness aid, visual impairment, independent life concept.

What do I need to know about web accessibility?

Why do I need to know about web accessibility? Did you know, 15 percent of the world’s population experiences some form of disability? That is equivalent to roughly one-fifth of the global population. With that in mind, it is best practice to design and develop for inclusivity. Creating an accessible website would allow an additional […]

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The Basics of Innovation and Design Thinking

Incorporating innovation into your business model can prove to be very valuable for you and your company. It is the key to success in business now. Being on the forefront and continuously evolving and innovating gives a competitive advantage to your organization.

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Web Accessibility is No Longer an Option

With the January 15th United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit handing down an opinion in Robles v. Dominos Pizza, it’s clear that site owners are going to need to really look at how their websites (and mobile apps) are complying with the American with Disabilities Act.

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Our Favorite Tools for Project Management

It can be overwhelming to manage a large book of clients and keep your projects in order, however over the years we have learned about what works for our agency. Over the years we have tried different software systems, and we have come up with a few systems that enhance our team, which ultimately helps […]

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Which eCommerce platform is right for you?  

As a digital agency, we are often tasked with either helping a client choose an ecommerce platform, or with customizing their chosen platform to their individual needs. While our approach is often customized on our client’s needs, there are several key elements that business owners who want an ecommerce solution need to consider.   We […]

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Simple ways to help your SEO with Yoast

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in business, and it can intimidate or frustrate anyone who wants to manage their own marketing and advertising. There are many agencies that specialize in SEO and paid search (think Google AdWords); however, if these services are outside your current budget, there […]

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