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The team at Standard Beagle regularly shares deep insights and best practices you can use as your design and create your own products and services. Look to our blog for expertise in UX design, research, and other industry topics.
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How to design for a CMS

  UX design for content management systems isn’t the same as designing for a static application Design for a CMS requires specific design techniques that allow for reusability and flexibility without breaking the design. It’s no secret that a large majority of web applications — including mobile apps — are powered by CMS. These include […]

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Designing voice interfaces

What designers need to know about designing for voice apps Designing apps that use speech recognition software are fundamentally different from designing screens. Without visual guides, designers must focus on the UX writing and voice interaction of the app. Creating a voice user interface means the personality of the app is unseen and must be […]

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Goal-setting for UX/UI designers

Goal-setting must be intentional and purposeful. In this article I’ll explain why we set goals, how to set up SMARTER goals, and how to stick the goals we’ve set.

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A Quick Guide to User Onboarding

What is Onboarding? When users first step into a product, they are bombarded with new functions. The services you offer may seem obvious to you. However, users with no knowledge of the process will have difficulty understanding your intentions. This is where user onboarding comes into play. Onboarding is the form of actively guiding users […]

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Understanding Five Ecommerce User Personas

The Who’s Who of Ecommerce User Personas With a wide variety of potential users, it’s important to specifically hone in on users who are looking for the right platform for them: we’ll call these snapshots of specific groups ecommerce user personas. Whether small scale or large, these personas have many options to choose from. The […]

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Standard Beagle recognized for prestigious web design award

Standard Beagle Wins at the Annual Web Excellence Awards Competition The Web Excellence Awards, a leading international interactive web awards competition, has announced the 2021 award winners to highlight this year’s “best of the best” in web design and development. Standard Beagle was recognized for its work with the excellence award for two recent UX […]

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