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The team at Standard Beagle regularly shares deep insights and best practices you can use as your design and create your own products and services. Look to our blog for expertise in UX design, research, and other industry topics.
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Love your website: Keep it safe and secure

WordPress websites need love. They are kind of like dogs. Be kind to them, feed them, pet them, give them water, and they can faithfully be loyal to you – be your best friend. Ignore them, be cruel or neglect them, they can turn on you or find another owner to care for them. The […]

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Values I believe in

I was recently asked what qualities are important to me in the people I work with. The question really got me to thinking about what I stand for. At first I was not sure how to answer, but then I realized I have definitely thought long and hard about the personal traits I value. Integrity […]

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Bennie the dog

What is Standard Beagle?

About a year ago I decided I wanted to expand my business. I had been freelancing for years. Being independent was fun. I was building websites on the side of a full-time job, helping small business owners, artists, a wide variety of people establish a web presence. I always had this dream in the back […]

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