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web programmer - reasons why you shouldn't write off wordpress - blogpost

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write Off WordPress

WordPress is more than a blog — it’s a powerful CMS in the right hands With WordPress owning almost 60% of the market share, it’s still shocking when people seem to turn their nose up when we mention we develop on this platform. Instead of acting apologetic, we should be saying “Hell yeah, we develop […]

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Social Media
Why you need a social media policy

Why your company needs a social media policy

Does your company have a social media policy? If not, you should think about implementing one. Stephanie Perkins, an employment attorney with Jackson Lewis, spoke with Standard Beagle all about social media policies. She explained why every company, small or large, needs to have one in place. Perkins recommends that any company who has a […]

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5 Qualities of a Good Client

Being a good client leads to a partnership that creates a great product. It's in your best interest as well as the agency's.So how can you be a good client?

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Blogpost - Our biggest blind spots (and what to do about them)

Our biggest blind spots (and what to do about them)

You know what’s really hard about being in the position I’m in now? I feel like I’m the last to know. I know my team isn’t trying to hide things from me – not maliciously at least. I think I have a great relationship with everyone on my team– better than most leaders. But no […]

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lock - What is an SSL Certificate and why do you need one? - Blogpost

What is an SSL Certificate and why do you need one?

In more basic terms an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer/Digital Certificate) is used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (website). The SSL connection guards or protects sensitive data, for example, credit card information that is exchanged during each visit (session) or data transfer and logins. It is […]

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school picker - marathon kids - custom website development - gravity forms

How we made a user-friendly school picker

One of the things I love about working in technology is building refined and intuitive tools that make things easier for people. Most of the time these arise from dealing with challenges. The school picker challenge One of the challenges we ran into was letting users (who were coaches for a program) pick the school […]

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