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Drive sales by understanding customers

Understanding customers through user research can increase business lead gen results When is the last time your company spent time learning about your customers? How deeply do you understand them? Research shows CX (customer experience) has increasing importance for companies of all sizes to remain competitive. Understanding users is a key function of setting a […]

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Why your products need mobile optimization

Poor mobile optimization can drive users away It’s imperative for modern digital products to focus on mobile optimization. Usability issues on a mobile site are five times more likely to drive users away without completing their tasks. Research has also shown that 70 percent of online shoppers will abandon their carts if the user experience […]

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Investing in UX Design Improves ROI

UX Design is a lucrative investment. “Every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $2 to $100” is a commonly used phrase in the UX design sphere. However, investing in research and design can feel less like an investment, and more like a sunk cost. When success can vary, investing in UX may […]

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Goal-setting for UX/UI designers

Goal-setting must be intentional and purposeful. In this article I’ll explain why we set goals, how to set up SMARTER goals, and how to stick the goals we’ve set.

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Understanding Five Ecommerce User Personas

The Who’s Who of Ecommerce User Personas With a wide variety of potential users, it’s important to specifically hone in on users who are looking for the right platform for them: we’ll call these snapshots of specific groups ecommerce user personas. Whether small scale or large, these personas have many options to choose from. The […]

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Tunes from the Team: Motorcycles

The music that reflects the freedom of the open road, and the feeling of a hog between your legs. Standard Daniel here, and I have a confession to make. I’ve never seen the classic film Easy Rider, staring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicolson. It premiered on July 14, 1969, almost 52 years ago […]

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