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UX Research
Example of a basic competitive analysis for taxi mobile applications

Competitive analysis importance for B2B products

A competitive analysis provides a direction for B2B products UX designers should conduct competitive analyses to ensure that B2B products remain relevant. Unless you’re operating in the blue ocean, it’s rare that products are alone in a market. To outrun competitors, industries often focus on producing new products, features, or exclusive solutions with latest technology […]

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Why successful companies invest in UX during downturns

To remain competitive, companies should invest in UX rather than cutting it to reduce costs Intentional user experience (UX) research, design and development is a regular causality of project cost cutting, but successful companies avoid doing this and rather make an investment in UX. Companies that cut UX investment in economic downturns are short-sighted, and […]

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Inclusive language: Why your words matter

*This article mainly focuses on the English language Inclusive language is a core component of UX content Using inclusive language makes users feel more at ease and comforted when using a product, which makes it a better user experience (UX). Inclusive language makes content more understandable to people from diverse backgrounds — not just a […]

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UX Design Awards graphic.

Standard Beagle Nominated for 2022 UX Design Awards

2 UX projects nominated for awards The 2022 UX Design Awards announced nominations and Standard Beagle has two projects honored. Judges nominated Standard Beagle’s design work for Circlage’s surgical evaluation platform and MedNet’s clinical database platform from among 124 projects to compete in the global competition for user experience excellence. These entries now move to […]

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A young female Asian character. A mean-looking specter is coming from her laptop screen. Security. Dark UX.

Dark UX: Crime Doesn't Pay

The Villainy of Dark UX   When a website is not providing the results you need, it can be tempting to trick users to navigate, interact, or behave the way you need. Initially, it may work in your favor. However, it will create animosity towards your product and brand that will ultimately turn users away […]

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BusinessTips & Advice

Understanding Five Ecommerce User Personas

The Who’s Who of Ecommerce User Personas With a wide variety of potential users, it’s important to specifically hone in on users who are looking for the right platform for them: we’ll call these snapshots of specific groups ecommerce user personas. Whether small scale or large, these personas have many options to choose from. The […]

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