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UX Research
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The UX Research Career Path

Many new UX designers want to learn more about the research career path That's why the Austin-based meetup group, UX in ATX, hosted a paneled discussion in July 2020 with UX Research experts to talk about the research career path.

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UX Research
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5 Benefits of Usability Testing

Benefits of Usability Testing The importance of testing How many times have you been to a website and thought, “Why can’t I find what I am looking for?”. Or, “I wish I could order online from this website instead of having to call in.” Thoughts like these are common when usability testing is not valued […]

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UX Research

A Guide for User Testing

User testing can be very beneficial to the design and development of a project. Whether the product is a digital experience or a physical object, getting feedback from users who have no experience with the project is crucial to get valuable unbiased opinions.

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