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Drive sales by understanding customers

Understanding customers through user research can increase business lead gen results When is the last time your company spent time learning about your customers? How deeply do you understand them? Research shows CX (customer experience) has increasing importance for companies of all sizes to remain competitive. Understanding users is a key function of setting a […]

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Standard Beagle Nominated for 2022 UX Design Awards

2 UX projects nominated for awards The 2022 UX Design Awards announced nominations and Standard Beagle has two projects honored. Judges nominated Standard Beagle’s design work for Circlage’s surgical evaluation platform and MedNet’s clinical database platform from among 124 projects to compete in the global competition for user experience excellence. These entries now move to […]

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Displaying Lots of Data: Table Usability

Poor usability with workplace applications is no secret The usability requirements and tradeoffs for workplace app designs are different from consumer apps. As UX experts, we have to focus on different points. For consumer apps, we tend to focus on the UI and fix show-stopping roadblocks. Meanwhile, for workplace apps we must focus on making […]

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How search design affects your product's UX

Even search design can directly impact user experience in products When it comes to the overall user experience of a website, software or app, search design is often considered behind other functionality. But the design of search can make a big difference in how users experience a digital product. Not all websites or apps need […]

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4 ways to avoid unintended design consequences

Designers aren’t looking for unintended consequences Designers often don’t consider what consequences — good AND bad — can arise from their designs. The reason? Human psychology. But there are four things designers can do to try to avoid unintended consequences. What are unintended consequences in design? One example of unintended consequences is cyberbullying. Today more […]

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Why your products need mobile optimization

Poor mobile optimization can drive users away It’s imperative for modern digital products to focus on mobile optimization. Usability issues on a mobile site are five times more likely to drive users away without completing their tasks. Research has also shown that 70 percent of online shoppers will abandon their carts if the user experience […]

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