10 Common Marketing Don’ts

Marketing is the vessel that drives sales, the look, feel, and perception of the brand and the business, creates value for the company, and decides who, what, when, and where to serve. With that being said, there are a few common Marketing Don’ts marketers should avoid like a rabid dog, ten to be precise. So, let’s get right into it.

Don’t Forget Who Your Audience is

Many marketers and business owners forget who their target audience is and use too complicated language filled with technical jargon, or even robotic speech. The first principle of Marketing is know your audience.

Don’t be the sleazy salesman and only focus on making sales

We all know when someone is trying to sell us something, and it’s even worse when we’re not interested and it has no value to us. Add value for your customers. Service your customers even before they become a customer by giving them added value that they need and desire. Don’t expect someone to buy your service or product without that trust built up.

Don’t be inconsistent with your brand and messaging

Make sure your brand stays in character across all media you utilize. For example, use the same logo, fonts, and colors for clients and potential clients to recognized and relate to your product and service.

Don’t Forget to Promote your Content

Having rich content builds trust and rapport with your potential clients. It shows your expertise, brand personality, and credibility.

Don’t ignore where your customers get their information

It all goes back to knowing your customer and part of that is where they get their information.  Example, you are a clothing retailer looking to reach 20-25 year olds, you would market to them Instagram before you market on Twitter.

Don’t try to market to everyone

Segmenting your target market is necessary. You can’t cater to everyone. Try to hone into your target market and get to know them on a personal level.

Don’t be intimidated by competition

There is enough work to go around.  If you waste all of your time and energy worrying and studying your competitors, you will have none left for your clients and potential clients.

Don’t forget to delight your customers after the sale

It’s easy to forget this step after the work is done.  However, this step is essential to turn your customers into brand ambassadors by delighting them after the sale. A little appreciation goes a long way. Depending on your business, they can become return customers.

Don’t price your product or service too low

Know the value of your product or service. Lower isn’t always better. Your target audience will pay the price you are offering if it is carefully considered and they see value in it.

Don’t offer a service or product that you don’t stand behind

Modern Marketing should be honest and transparent. Stand behind your product and service by offering products and services that you believe in and would use yourself. If you don’t even like it, how can you expect clients to also.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions or want to hear more about a topic, please reach out to us at [email protected] We love feedback and want to speak on the topics that you want to hear.